Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sewing training course for women(girls) in villages has started!

On 16th April, we started a sewing training 6 months course at Surya Bharti School.

Since then, we had also trained women in villages at our school, but the timing and numbers were not fixed.

I discussed with teachers and assistant staffs in charge of sewing class, and decided to open 6 months sewing course and we will give the students certificate after they complete the course.

At first, we planned to hold the course at a public building of a village (previous building of our school) where we have health education for mothers.  All of sudden, an incident happened last month...!

Our teachers and staffs held a health education class in the village as always on that day, they announced about opening the sewing class.  Then a politician type woman came there with her female group and she shouted "We don't allow your sewing class here! You should give me permission for my grandson to study at your school before opening the sewing class!" 

I missed to see it because I went to another place for other work on that day.  I heard about it from the teachers and staffs on the other day. 

They said the women was even brandishing a stick, yelling  "Give my grandson admission of your school or I hit you!"

Reika madam told her "We are just staffs of sewing class and health care project.  We don't know about the admission of Surya Bharti School.  The seats are limited.  Can we advise principles and directors to make other students who has several brothers go to our school quit so that your grandson can get admission?"  Then she shrank. 

After hearing this incident, I changed the place for sewing course from there to our school.

Our 6 months course has 40 limited seats.  We divide them into 2 parts.  On the opening of the course, almost 40 women and girls gathered from villages.  I found some ex-students among them.  Some became mothers, and some finished our school last year.

As seeing their faces, it reminded me a memory of the moment when we started our school in 2001.  Their body became bigger, but their innocent minds are still same.  Surrounded by their smiles, I felt like I was in the moment of starting.  

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