Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The result of JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) in July has been announced!

The result of JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) in July has been announced!

BNC (Bodhgaya Nihongo Class) got 4 students passed in N3 level, 
8 students passed in N4 level, 24 students passed in N5 level!

Congratulations! Omedetou gozaimasu!

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Independence day of India and Rakshabandhan

15th August is the Independence day of India.

And, this year, Rakshabandhan festival also held on the same day.

It was very busy day as I thought!

In the morning, we had a celebration ceremony of Independence day of India.
Today, it was first time for me to hoist the national flag, 
due to absence of my husband who went on business trip.

The flag hold flower petals inside and was tied tightly,
it was too tight to untie the string only once, 
I tried to pull several times to open the flag.

Wearing shoes is prohibited around the flag stand. 

After hoisting the national flag, everyone started to sing the national song.

It is rainy season, but it was sunny day with strong sun light, so it was so hot today!

We all did it very well!

Some students sang songs, and gave speeches.

Every time, in hoisting flag photo, principal sir's hand overlapped on my husband's face,
this time, flower petals overlapped on my face...!

After the celebration, we had Jalebi (national sweets of India).

After the celebration at Surya Bharti School, next was our hotel's celebration.

With staffs and special guests, Mr.&Mrs. Rajesh.

And there, a priest was waiting for us.
He was the priest who conducted our marriage ceremony.

He came to celebrate Rakshabandhan for us.

"Rakshabandhan" means a custom that Sisters pray for their brothers' health and give charms.
Not only real siblings but also cousins and friends can do this ceremony.

Putting charm with right wrist for boys and left wrist for girls.

He gave a charm for my husband.

Elder daughter has lots of brothers in Japanese class.

Second daughter also celebrated like her sister.

Rahul who is an ex-student came to celebrate Rakshabandhan.

Today(15th) was the last day of Sawan season, 
he kept his beard unshaved during the season.

He is 20 something, but look at him, like a boss!

He opened a computer class in his village, and he is also planning to open a branch in Gaya.

And, my "Brother" is Mr.Kamal.

He is a local head of a famous newspaper.

He managed his time to come to celebrate.

We have been continuing this ceremony for 9 years.

And ... !

My children and I went to celebrate Rakshabandhan with their 9 cousins.

And we had more...!
Premjeet who is an ex-student and in a cricket academy came to celebrate at night.

It was so busy and full of memory day!