Thursday, March 26, 2020

India Lock Down! Online Class by Bodhgaya Nihongo Class

India Lock Down! Online Class by Bodhgaya Nihongo Class

It is the second day after India's Lock Down has started.


Before the lockdown started, 
Bihar State government ordered to close all educational organisations till March 31,
Due to that BNC(Bodhgaya Nihongo class) has
decided to close the classes and switched to online video lessons that the students can view at home and learn from, while practicing social distancing.

Teachers record the lessons 
and share the link on whatsapp (it's a lot like the LINE app), 
through which the students can study at home.

Each teacher in charge makes video lessons,
hold Q&A session by Zoom if the class is possible.

The teachers give the homework to students 
in their respective whatsapp group.

Due to Lockdown, some people say they don't know what they should do at home,
but BNC teachers are very busy: recording lessons, checking homework, answering questions from the students.

Here are some part of the lessons.

Let's study hard by utilising lots of time during lockdown!

Before lockdown, I taught N1 class to 5 students.


However, due to lockdown, although they live quite nearby in the hostel, 
I changed the class into Online lesson using Zoom,

I will tell you about the situation of N1 Zoom class next time!










Sunday, March 8, 2020

Volunteer teacher at NGO in India! Angel Aid Tour 2020 Day2


Volunteer teacher at NGO in India! Angel Aid Tour 2020 Day2

Second day also, they had classes at Surya Bharti School as volunteer.

The first and the second grade students were together.

They had classes in which they didn't had on the day before the day.

So all the students got chance to have teaching from them!

Singing "If you happy and crap your hands" in Japanese,
folding air plane and balloon with Origami paper,
The students were so happy with them!

Enjoy and find their smiles on the video!

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Visiting students' villages Angel Aid Study Tour Day1 afternoon

Visiting students' villages Angel Aid Study Tour Day1 afternoon

In the morning of the first day of Angel Aid Study tour,
they had classes for the students in Surya Bharti School as volunteer.

And, they visited the students' villages in the afternoon.

Mrs.F teaches a student A who graduated from Surya Bharti school Japanese by skype.

She used to be a principal.

She could meet A's family in this tour!

And Ms.R teaches a student S by skype.

Sunil told her "Please come to India!"
so she came she said.

We visited his house too!

A student V passed JLPT N2.

He went to Japan in last December and 
he met Mrs.F and Ms.R there!

We visited his house too.

He played his drum for welcoming us!

And an ex-student D is a player of MMA(Mixed Martial Arts).

A few years ago, he asked me for his scholarship for the  wrestling academy.
It was so expensive and we couldn't give him scholarship.

Even though, he's never given up his dream, 
studying and working as part time job,
he continued to go to training gym.

His coach supported him for his talent,
he was able to win in 59 kg MMA championship over India.

He wasn't the AAA scholarship student,
but his house was very near to other students,
so we visited his house too.

Surprisingly, he made his training tools by himself in the house.

We were very pleased to see his efforts!

And ex-student C also studies Japanese language now.

He had leg fracture in a bike accident last year.

He continued study while he go in and out from 
the hospital repeatedly for the treatment,
he passed JLPT N5.

He couldn't pass N4 last time, but it was close,
he studies in N3 class now.

We found mustard seeds dried on his roof. 

Sunset view from the roof with whole village was so beautiful!

And we visited the houses of ex-student A who has target to enter IIT,
and M who studies Japanese now.
They are neighbours.

M had college exam on that day, he came back home late,
so we visited A's house while waiting M.

A got very excellent marks in JEE-Mains held in January.

And he will challenge JEE-Adbance too!

Ms.Y is skype lesson teacher of M.

She could meet M's family!

It was the first day of the study tour,
starting from teaching in the school,
visiting 7 students' houses, so it was very busy day.

Actually, it was not the end of the day...!

In the night, we went to attend a wedding party 
of ex-students of Bodhgaya Nihongo Class...!

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Teaching at NGO in India as volunteer Angel Aid Study Tour Day 1

Teaching at NGO in India as volunteer  Angel Aid Study Tour Day 1

On 5th Feb. 2020, 6 Japanese came to Bodhgaya,
and they taught the students as volunteer at Surya Bharti School. 

It was Study Tour of Angel Aid Association.

The representative of AAA, Tomato mama came to Bodhgaya for 6 times.

This time, former principal and college students participated in the tour.

Please watch and enjoy the video!

You can find lots of smiles!

Angel Aid Association supports the ex-students of 
Surya Bharti School for higher education.