Thursday, April 18, 2013

Orientation seminar for engineering course

On 12th April, I attended an orientation seminar for engineering course held by Bharath university ( and Hindustan newspaper at a hall in Gaya with 16 ex-students and 5 teachers.

Bharath university has 93 % job placement including famous companies as Microsoft, Oracle, etc.

We were invited by Hindustan newspaper that was a co-organizer of this seminar.

I thought that it is like an advertisement of the university, though the title was "Orientation seminar for Engineering course".  But after listening to professors' lecture on engineering, for example, they told us on what points students should focus when they select their occupation etc, I found it was not only an advertisement.

3 of the professors graduated IIT.

The points were:

*If you want to become engineer, you should know what is "engineer" and all the types of engineer.
*IIT is not an only choice. There are lots of private universities and colleges having engineering course, producing brilliant students, and they have lots of offers from foreign companies.
*When you select university and college, you should research about job placement % of them.
*If you want to earn more money, you may go for private company. But you will have to remain in the company till midnight.  If you want to work only in fixed time, you may get government job.
*First, find a thing which you are interested in.  And think about going for the related job of it.  For example, I phone, smart phone, and its application software developing etc.
*You may get out of busy competitions, and you may find your own way.
*Computer science has huge potential in future, but to be an expert on it requires being genius or lots of efforts.
*Getting a job in company is not a only alternative. For example, Facebook and Microsoft.
*When companies come to scout at your college or university, you show good performance and then you can get a job.
* Foreign companies also come to scout.

I asked a question about job placement of Japanese company.  They told me they have and saying about Nissan etc for example.

Our ex-students of Surya Bharti School are children from villages.  I asked them what they thought after the seminar, they said that they understood mostly. I felt that they understood what the professors told in Hindi literally, but I wondered whether they could imagine what the professors told about exactly or not.  I think our ex-students are aiming to become engineers but they don't know what kinds of job it is in detail.  They might have ambiguous image of engineer.  I thought that I should tell and show them real work of engineers, so that they can have clear image of the ways to go toward the future.

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