Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mobile clinic, visiting a village

Continuing from the previous blog.
The staffs of mobile clinic go around the entire village to persuade patients who should be checked up by the doctor to visit the clinic and let villagers noticed the mobile clinic has come.
We went around the village with them.

I found the village was cleaner than other villages, almost of all the houses were made of mud but maintained.  Although there were many mosquito larvae in ditches filled with black water. I understood why the NGO staff had explained about the infectious diseases by mosquito to the patients lately.  There was no cemented ditch but natural one in the village.  Some big ditches looked like ponds with less black water and many mosquito larvae were there.  I saw some ladies were washing dishes beside hand pumps where were surrounded by moss grown by dirty stagnant water.

I talked with the NGO staff about lots of matters while we were walking through the village.   He told me that they have meetings with the committee members of the village frequently, to know the situation of villagers' diseases and what kind of problems they have.  He said that they can't understand the real situation of villagers by visiting the village sometimes.  He said "Well communication with villagers is necessary to understand their real situation.  We always try to listen to their voices.  Though it is impossible to improve something about village, if all the villagers co-operate together to improve it, it will be possible.  Our aim is not only giving medicines but also enhancing villager's awareness on health."  I thought that's the way they explained about the solution of mosquito related problems.

I've been given lots of knowledge this time too.  I appreciate to the NGO staffs for telling me many things gained through their experiences. We will go forward for Mothers & Infants health care project with what we have learned form them.

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