Friday, November 18, 2016

Japanese taught students at Surya Bharti school (No.2) - Angel Aid Study Tour

On 13th August, people who participated in the study tour of Angel Aid Association taught our students again.

Students learnt how to wrap in Japanese way, the historical relation between India and Japan, designing hand fan, fun games, and a teacher who teaches 6th grade in Japan had a class in 6th grade in our school.

She showed Japanese letters written by Indian ink on a Japanese paper, and she asked students "Is there anybody who can read this?"

Then, one of the students replied "shi ta i no!"

(It means "I want to do".)

It was very close!!!

The correct answer was "ta no shi i".

(It means "It is fun".)

In Japanese way, especially writing with ink , we read vertically and start reading from the right hand of the upper side.

The student had read it horizontally and had started reading from the left hand of the upper side. 

She taught students about the importance of efforts to achieve their dreams with a song "Moshi Moshi Kameyo", from a story of race by a rabbit and a turtle.

She also taught making flowers by folding colorful papers called Origami in Japanese, and made students to write their dream on the flowers, so that they can see their dreams always by hanging them on the wall of their house.

In the class of historical relation between India and Japan, the teacher (who teaches History in Japan) was surprised that 8th grade students have known the history very much than 10th grade students who took the same class last time by him.

About the history of world second war, a student answered "He was the man who joined Subhash Chandra Bose in fighting against England!" when he saw a photo of Hideki Tojo.

He said that he recognized his face because he saw his face on a book of history before. 

People in India respect Subhash Chandra Bose very much who was a leader of Indian National Army.

He is evaluated as high as Mahatma Gandhi or more for his contribution to India's independence.

Most Indians gratitude to Japan that Japan helped INA to fight against British army to get freedom from colonization.  

I have some friends who come from Imphal in Manipur where the battle held between British army and Japanese army with INA.

And they told me that they respect Japanese army very much still now.

The teacher of history asked "Where can you find the model of this building near here?" while showing a photo of "Goju no tou"(Buddhist stupa) in Nara.

Then, most students answered "It's Thai temple!".

Maybe it looks like Thai temple because of the design of its roof.

In fact, he revealed that the model of "Goju no tou" was Mahabodhi Temple in Bodhgaya.

The teacher said that there were many monks who wanted to visit Bodhgaya where Buddha attained great enlightenment in ancient time but they couldn't do, so they built the temples in their countries by making them in similar design with their earnest wish for the Mahabodhi temple in Bodhgaya which was located very far away from where they lived in the world.

Buddhism was conveyed to many countries from India and the design of the temples has been transformed into the local design in each country.

I learnt many things from this class while I was interpreting. 

Ms.T and Ms.M  were interviewed by a reporter from ANI. 

You can understand how the students enjoyed each class with Japanese when you see the photos!

I thank all members of Angel Aid study tour very much for having the classes to our students!