Wednesday, April 24, 2013

5 students got scholarship of Super 30 institute Patna

On 17th April, I got report from teachers of Surya Bharti School.

The final results of the test for Supre 30 institute (2 years course for preparation of engineering test aiming for IIT) came out.

Thanks, Lord!  Our 5 students came up in the top 286 students who will receive partially scholarship and admission qualification!

Other students also got a qualification of admission.

This test was taken by about 25000 students from all over Bihar.  Many of them studied in famous brilliant private schools.  So, it is great that our 5 students came up in the topper 286 among 25000 students!

What surprising me most was the students who got high result were out of my expectation.

Whenever I visit their houses, they were helping parents in farm.

One of them lost his mother few years ago, and the other students have a mother always sick, and the other one's father was paralyzed, they help family very much.

They have studied hard with their best efforts everyday staring at their future, in order to get out of poverty and to make their family happy.

My tears had never stopped by hearing such a great report then.

They will challenge to take engineering test towards IIT, 2 years later.

They are very diligent students, so I'm sure that they will do their best when they study at the institute in Patna which has brilliant teachers there.

Let's become engineer, get good salary and give your family full of delicious foods! (I'm saying to the students.)

I'm very proud of them and I pledge to support their further study in future too!

Sewing training course for women(girls) in villages has started!

On 16th April, we started a sewing training 6 months course at Surya Bharti School.

Since then, we had also trained women in villages at our school, but the timing and numbers were not fixed.

I discussed with teachers and assistant staffs in charge of sewing class, and decided to open 6 months sewing course and we will give the students certificate after they complete the course.

At first, we planned to hold the course at a public building of a village (previous building of our school) where we have health education for mothers.  All of sudden, an incident happened last month...!

Our teachers and staffs held a health education class in the village as always on that day, they announced about opening the sewing class.  Then a politician type woman came there with her female group and she shouted "We don't allow your sewing class here! You should give me permission for my grandson to study at your school before opening the sewing class!" 

I missed to see it because I went to another place for other work on that day.  I heard about it from the teachers and staffs on the other day. 

They said the women was even brandishing a stick, yelling  "Give my grandson admission of your school or I hit you!"

Reika madam told her "We are just staffs of sewing class and health care project.  We don't know about the admission of Surya Bharti School.  The seats are limited.  Can we advise principles and directors to make other students who has several brothers go to our school quit so that your grandson can get admission?"  Then she shrank. 

After hearing this incident, I changed the place for sewing course from there to our school.

Our 6 months course has 40 limited seats.  We divide them into 2 parts.  On the opening of the course, almost 40 women and girls gathered from villages.  I found some ex-students among them.  Some became mothers, and some finished our school last year.

As seeing their faces, it reminded me a memory of the moment when we started our school in 2001.  Their body became bigger, but their innocent minds are still same.  Surrounded by their smiles, I felt like I was in the moment of starting.  

Japanese special class "Doraemon"

On 13th April, we had a Japanese special class. This day's theme was "Doraemon".

I introduced a website of Draemon(official site) and used the contents to learn.

Firstly, I connected to Internet and opened the page on my laptop.

Clicking each picture emitted sounds related its scene. (It's interesting for students.)

And I explained the story in Hindi.

After that, I explained the meanings of sentences and words one by one with printed paper of the site.

Actually, I had thought I would teach them about 2 level words of Japanese test. But, it was 43 degree Celsius at noon at that time, in this hot situation, it is very difficult to sit long, so I chose only Doraemon that day. (more difficult for me than students...)

I asked them "Do you know Doraemon?", then almost of all said they know.  There are few TV in their villages, and they go to the house to watch.

The story was also familiar and easy to understand.

I explained what's the difference of conversation styles between girls and boys with each characters.

Whenever I asked questions, the assistant teacher Prakash sir raises hand faster than students, and I said to him "You are professional teacher, so please let students answer."
Then he put his mouth with both hands surprisingly, and his face was telling "Oh, I am a teacher...!" It was funny moment...!

The day was very very hot, and everyone studied hard!

After the class, a student"S" came to me and said "I persuaded my parents. My planned marriage will be cancelled!" (Please refer the previous blog)  

I was surprised because I was thinking he can't cancel it after discussing with his parents.

The night before the day, he tried hard to persuade his parents and relatives to agree with his desire to study further and not to marry right now. 

It will be cleared after they send all the gifts(laptop etc.) and money for the planned marriage back to her family.  He said the family (of wife to be (planned)) understood the situation and they will come to take the gifts back.

I've been thinking that I have to attend his marriage party....!

His face was fine and was showing his concrete decision to concentrate his further study.

Sorry for his mother that she will have to wait for few years till future daughter in law come and cook for them.  I hope he will study hard more few years to take a good job and then he will make his parents more happier...!  I pledged to support his further study by seeing his firm decision.  Do your best toward being an engineer!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Marriage of a student

A student whose name is "S" is the most enthusiastic student in our school, and I'm expecting his future success.  One day, he talked to me about his marriage forced by his parents after school.

Then, I decided to visit his house to negotiate his parents with 3 teachers.  But, both of his parents were out of his house at that time.  We were talking with neighbors about his suddenly arranged marriage while we were waiting his parents come home.  The neighbors said that it is impossible to persuade them to give up their son's marriage.  

According to my thought, if he marry, I will have to stop to support his further study.  The person should have responsibility to take care of his wife to live after their marriage.  I was expecting his future and it is hard  for me to decide but I should decide.

We waited half an hour in front of his house, then we went to bazaar(where there are shops) to look for his parents.  And, we found them. They were in a shop and selecting the things to prepare son's marriage there.  (S told us they sold goats to make money for shopping.)

S's mother said, "Please come to our son's marriage party.  I am very old and anytime I may die.  But son's wife will come then my heart will be peace.  Whole my body has pain by disease and it was very difficult for me to cook everyday.... Now, coming son's wife will cook for us!...After son will marry, his wife will take care of us, so you can bring S(son) to anywhere to study!" with tears.

Then, I told them what I think.  "When a person marry someone he should earn money for her to live.  It is more important than study.  If he marry, he will have to get a job to feed his family, after that, he can use the rest of money for himself to study.  If he marry now, I have to stop our support for his further study.  Instead of that, I will introduce him some job." I said.

The mother was surprised to listen what I said that she had never thought.  And she cried more.

I asked "S", "what do you think about your marriage?", then he replied, "I don't want to marry now. I would like to study more.  But my parents don't listen to me..."

In fact, his parents are very old. "S" was born after they became aged so they looks like his grand parents.  And they are out of shape.  I can understand their thinking.

I asked "S", "How old is she? Do you like her?" and, "I don't know.  I've never see her and her photo too." he said.

He had already been gifted laptop computer as a marriage gift from the family of his wife to be.   I think "S" couldn't defeat the allure of the laptop.  He thought he can study more by using the laptop.  Some friends of him were saying he was very happy with it.

"S" is almost 18 years old.  He is allowed to marry by laws in Japan, but actually, here in India, a man who is below 21 years old is not allowed to marry.

When will the old custom in villages be changed...?

The date of his marriage is planned to hold in next month.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Orientation seminar for engineering course

On 12th April, I attended an orientation seminar for engineering course held by Bharath university ( and Hindustan newspaper at a hall in Gaya with 16 ex-students and 5 teachers.

Bharath university has 93 % job placement including famous companies as Microsoft, Oracle, etc.

We were invited by Hindustan newspaper that was a co-organizer of this seminar.

I thought that it is like an advertisement of the university, though the title was "Orientation seminar for Engineering course".  But after listening to professors' lecture on engineering, for example, they told us on what points students should focus when they select their occupation etc, I found it was not only an advertisement.

3 of the professors graduated IIT.

The points were:

*If you want to become engineer, you should know what is "engineer" and all the types of engineer.
*IIT is not an only choice. There are lots of private universities and colleges having engineering course, producing brilliant students, and they have lots of offers from foreign companies.
*When you select university and college, you should research about job placement % of them.
*If you want to earn more money, you may go for private company. But you will have to remain in the company till midnight.  If you want to work only in fixed time, you may get government job.
*First, find a thing which you are interested in.  And think about going for the related job of it.  For example, I phone, smart phone, and its application software developing etc.
*You may get out of busy competitions, and you may find your own way.
*Computer science has huge potential in future, but to be an expert on it requires being genius or lots of efforts.
*Getting a job in company is not a only alternative. For example, Facebook and Microsoft.
*When companies come to scout at your college or university, you show good performance and then you can get a job.
* Foreign companies also come to scout.

I asked a question about job placement of Japanese company.  They told me they have and saying about Nissan etc for example.

Our ex-students of Surya Bharti School are children from villages.  I asked them what they thought after the seminar, they said that they understood mostly. I felt that they understood what the professors told in Hindi literally, but I wondered whether they could imagine what the professors told about exactly or not.  I think our ex-students are aiming to become engineers but they don't know what kinds of job it is in detail.  They might have ambiguous image of engineer.  I thought that I should tell and show them real work of engineers, so that they can have clear image of the ways to go toward the future.

Test for Super 30 (scholarship of an Institute aiming for IIT engineering)

On 8th April, our students who finished Surya Bharti School went to Patna to take a second test for Super 30 (a scholarship of an Institute aiming for IIT engineering).

I was busy with another work, and couldn't go with them.

I don't know what result will be, but it is a miracle that they got the chance to proceed to the second test.

If a student pass the test and selected as a Super 30 student, he will be exempted to pay the total tuition fee ,  boarding fee and food fee also, and he can spend his full time to study in the institution.

IIT is what we call it Indian Institute of Technology, which is the most difficult university in India, and only top level students in engineering test can be permitted to study there.  Although the number of collages affiliating with IIT are increasing recently, only brilliant students can enter in  IIT delhi and IIT kanpur.

This "Super 30" was established for students who are brilliant and poor to giving chances study for IIT.

There are 2 "Super 30" in Patna, and the test our students took was "Super 30" established by Mr. Abhyanand.

There are caste system still in India, sometimes a person can not get job because of his caste, but engineer is a new job and people can become engineer with their talent and technique no matter what their caste are.

I support our students hoping that they study hard and many of them will become engineer in the future!

Japanese special class : story of "Going to buy gloves"

On 9th March, we had a Japanese special class, we studied about a story "Going to buy gloves".  Of course, it is very difficult for the students to master all the Kanji appearing in the story.  My aim of this class was at imaging the story of mother fox and child fox, learning basic words, and being familiar with the Japanese pronunciation through the story.   Firstly, I explained story line, and then started to explain the sentences one by one.  Lastly, I drew pictures about the words which appeared on the story on blackboard.  I gave Japanese class teacher an audio data so that the students can listen to it anytime on the computers in our school.  I would like to give them more opportunities to come in touch with Japanese language.

Mobile clinic, visiting a village

Continuing from the previous blog.
The staffs of mobile clinic go around the entire village to persuade patients who should be checked up by the doctor to visit the clinic and let villagers noticed the mobile clinic has come.
We went around the village with them.

I found the village was cleaner than other villages, almost of all the houses were made of mud but maintained.  Although there were many mosquito larvae in ditches filled with black water. I understood why the NGO staff had explained about the infectious diseases by mosquito to the patients lately.  There was no cemented ditch but natural one in the village.  Some big ditches looked like ponds with less black water and many mosquito larvae were there.  I saw some ladies were washing dishes beside hand pumps where were surrounded by moss grown by dirty stagnant water.

I talked with the NGO staff about lots of matters while we were walking through the village.   He told me that they have meetings with the committee members of the village frequently, to know the situation of villagers' diseases and what kind of problems they have.  He said that they can't understand the real situation of villagers by visiting the village sometimes.  He said "Well communication with villagers is necessary to understand their real situation.  We always try to listen to their voices.  Though it is impossible to improve something about village, if all the villagers co-operate together to improve it, it will be possible.  Our aim is not only giving medicines but also enhancing villager's awareness on health."  I thought that's the way they explained about the solution of mosquito related problems.

I've been given lots of knowledge this time too.  I appreciate to the NGO staffs for telling me many things gained through their experiences. We will go forward for Mothers & Infants health care project with what we have learned form them.

Friday, April 5, 2013

A training of social workers in a village (visiting mobile clinic)

8th March 2013, we visited a village with a mobile clinic team for a training of the social workers(a lady and a gents) from a village of the Mothers & Infants Health Care Project by NGO Children Aid.

(Mobile Clinic means that doctors and medical staffs go to check up patients in villages where there is no medical facility there. Long experienced NGO Root Institute (Saxena clinic) co-operated us to visit the mobile clinic)

The village we visited this time is in a area of Bankebazar, it took an hour to get there from Bodhgaya by car.  The village is very near to the border of Bihar - Jharkhand States.  This area is very famous of Maoist Guerrilla  activity.  We asked the medical team whether it is safety or not for foreigners to visit there, and the team told us that the village is adjacent to main road and safer, then we decided to visit. 

The building been used for the clinic is a government school in the village.  A staff said to me "we are using this building since last month.  Before then, we used a building as a clinic opposite the main road.  Suddenly, the building was destroyed by explosion and then we had shifted here." 

In these few years, Bihar state has been very peaceful.  I thought the situation became very stable, I have noticed that there are still dangerous areas by hearing what the staff was saying.

Bihar state government fought very hard against the guerrillas and it became very peaceful here.  But, it is easy to hide in jungle, and easy to move between another state for guerrillas, so they are hiding in the areas where it is near the border of both states. 

After many patients gathered in the building, the NGO staff started to explain about the common diseases and sanitary matters to them.  Our project is focusing on health of mothers and infants.  We also have health education class about diseases and sanitary matters. Our aim of bringing our social workers who were selected by village leaders last time is let them learn how to organize and how to explain by seeing the activity by themselves.

The theme was "About prevention against being infected by mosquito bite" this time.  The staff explained the symptoms of malaria and told that person should bring the patients to a government hospital when he have found the patients have been in the symptom immediately. He asked some questions about the prevention, how people can prevent from mosquito bite.  And he explained that using mosquito net is very effective, and adding kerosene oil into puddle around house makes it possible to prevent from breeding of mosquito, and burning neem leaves that has an effect of insecticide is effective for making mosquito death.  

I'm always admiring when the staff explains about the prevention of diseases by using usual and common things for villagers for it, because villagers don't have much money and electricity too.  

The two of social workers were listening to the explanation by the staff seriously.  After that, I asked them what they felt and found, the lady social worker told me that she knows about the Kerosene oil effective and she actually uses it for cleaning her house. I thought she can learn more things in future.