Friday, October 15, 2010

Marriage ceremony

Our marriage ceremony was held in vishnupad temple in Gaya.

From morning all relatives(my husband's) and my parents and I were waiting for rain stop.

After rain stopped, the marriage ceremony has been started.

It took more over 5 hours to have finished.

The day, bride and bridegroom can not eat meals but eat fruits or sweets.

I was so hungry and seeing hindu ceremony went on like endless.

The ceremony was just like what I saw in the film "Gandhi."

We walked 7 times around the fire, having the cloths of both bride and bridegroom knotted.

Then we exchanged garland each other.

Living in India - as a Japanese

I love the salmon pink colour sunset in India. 

It is good to spend a time with family drinking chai (milk tea) in every morning and evening.

In India, time flows slowly than other country like Japan.

I came from Japan.

I married an Indian and live in India.

I live with my husband's family all together.

The number of our family members are more than 25 persons.

I would like to introduce my amazing life in India.