Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Japanese special class "Doraemon"

On 13th April, we had a Japanese special class. This day's theme was "Doraemon".

I introduced a website of Draemon(official site) and used the contents to learn.

Firstly, I connected to Internet and opened the page on my laptop.

Clicking each picture emitted sounds related its scene. (It's interesting for students.)

And I explained the story in Hindi.

After that, I explained the meanings of sentences and words one by one with printed paper of the site.

Actually, I had thought I would teach them about 2 level words of Japanese test. But, it was 43 degree Celsius at noon at that time, in this hot situation, it is very difficult to sit long, so I chose only Doraemon that day. (more difficult for me than students...)

I asked them "Do you know Doraemon?", then almost of all said they know.  There are few TV in their villages, and they go to the house to watch.

The story was also familiar and easy to understand.

I explained what's the difference of conversation styles between girls and boys with each characters.

Whenever I asked questions, the assistant teacher Prakash sir raises hand faster than students, and I said to him "You are professional teacher, so please let students answer."
Then he put his mouth with both hands surprisingly, and his face was telling "Oh, I am a teacher...!" It was funny moment...!

The day was very very hot, and everyone studied hard!

After the class, a student"S" came to me and said "I persuaded my parents. My planned marriage will be cancelled!" (Please refer the previous blog)  

I was surprised because I was thinking he can't cancel it after discussing with his parents.

The night before the day, he tried hard to persuade his parents and relatives to agree with his desire to study further and not to marry right now. 

It will be cleared after they send all the gifts(laptop etc.) and money for the planned marriage back to her family.  He said the family (of wife to be (planned)) understood the situation and they will come to take the gifts back.

I've been thinking that I have to attend his marriage party....!

His face was fine and was showing his concrete decision to concentrate his further study.

Sorry for his mother that she will have to wait for few years till future daughter in law come and cook for them.  I hope he will study hard more few years to take a good job and then he will make his parents more happier...!  I pledged to support his further study by seeing his firm decision.  Do your best toward being an engineer!

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