Saturday, February 15, 2020

Constructing a library hall in Bodhgaya, 4 days miracle!


Constructing a library hall in Bodhgaya, 4 days miracle!

Library Hall was constructed and donated to Surya Bharti School in Bodhgaya, India!

Mugen Foundation and Ishin group Japan donated the library.

Carpenters from Japan came to build the library!

The students and, the ex-students, and their guardians also helped the work as volunteers. 

<Library Hall 4 days of Miracles!>

Day 1 2 hours in the evening, the base of the pillars completed.

Day 2 constructing pillars and walls. Celebration.

Day 3 Roof of the library completed! Wooden walls completed! Starting brick work.

Day 4 Finishing construction!

It was rainy season in northern India, they have been working in intermittent rain.

Wooden parts and metal parts were shipped from Japan!

About the parts of the base, local carpenters built it.

They built the base by local way.

This is the video local carpenters built the base.

Wooden parts were transported by 3 trucks from the port of Kolkata.

The trucks arrived Bodhgaya after 24 hours.

We used crane to lifts the things down from the truck.

This is the video of the crane

Roof construction completed!

August 2019,
School roof construction completed!

The roof construction completed in Surya Bharti School!

Please listen to the students' happy voice!

This video was recorded when the roof construction started.

2014, there was historical heavy rain disaster in Bihar state, and Surya Bharti School had also beg damage by heavy rain.

This was the damage.

Previous roof was old small tiles, and got damage not only heavy rain but also by the earthquake happened in Napal.

Therefore, we had stopped whenever it's heavy rain students had to put all the textbooks and notebooks away form desks because rain water powered down from the roof. 

Rainy season continues about 3 months.

Not everyday is raining, but it caused disturbing the classes.

The roof construction completed in July 2019.

New roof is made of concrete, the ceiling is high, it protects students not only from heavy rain but also from the heat in long summer season.

All the students and teachers of Surya Bharti School express great gratitude from our deepest heart to the support from El Cantare Foundation in Hawaii.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Nail extracting operation succeeded and the student is coming to school again!

Nail extracting operation succeeded and the student is coming to school again!
Karan came back to our school!

He has been absent from school since 1 and half month ago.

He got accident one and half year ago.
A track hit him when he was riding a bicycle going back home form school, and he got serious damage like comma,  full body bruise, and fracture of femur and hip bone.

He was hospitalised and had several operation putting metal inserts to fix the fractured bones of femur and hip bone in a hospital at Patna.

One year and a few months passed, the time had come to put the metal insets away, and he went back to the hospital in Patna.

Unfortunately, after the medical examine before the operation, the doctor said "the last operation of metal insets was fail. We have to fix the bones with more strong metal insets."

And the doctor told the cost of the operation will be a few more times of the metal extracting operation.

His parents were at a loss, and they searched another hospital.

They searched several hospitals and they found a clinic for surgical treatment in Gaya.

Then, the doctor saw the results, said "It's not fail. You can get the metal off from your body.  We can have the extracting operation."

And, the operation had done, Karan was in the clinic for 4 days, after that, he was at home for treatment.

January after winter vacation, Karan has come back to Surya Bharti School.

He as pain a little, but he can walk!

Before the extracting operation, he came to school by bicycle with metals inside his bones.

It's more then 5 kilo meters away from home to school.

His house in the other road which is in different route of the school bus.

Before this operation, he dropped tears.

He can't go to school after the operation for a few month.

I cheered him up, "You have operation on hip and legs, so you have head and hands free. You can bring textbooks, and study."

He is very enthusiastic student.

His future dream is to become a mechanical engineer. 

His father is a carpenter, so he is interested in making things.

Karan said, "Now, I can study as much as I can!"

Thanks for everyone who prayed for him during the operation!

↓ before the operation


Our ex-student got admission in Ramanujan Academy (famous in movie Super 30)

Our ex-students got admission in Ramanujan Academy (famous in the movie Super 30)Image result for super30 movie
Movie "Super 30" was released all over India on 12th July 2019. 

The hero of the movie is Hritik Roshan, 
and the original character of the hero is Anand sir.

My husband is actually a friend of Anand sir from a few years.

<Super 30 official trailer>

My husband is an Interpreter in Japanese language, 
and has been working with Tokyo TV "Miraiseiki Jipang",
it is through the shooting that he met Anand sir.

And they found that they are engaged in same line,
education for children who are facing economical problems.
They became friends soon after.

Fortunately, 2 students from our Surya Bharti School 
study in Ramanujan Academy which 
Anand sir and his brother Pranav sir run.

They got special admission to the institute by their economical situation.

We thank Anand sir and Pranav sir for their great kindness.

Karan who got admission in the academy, 
who graduated from our school in March 2019.
He could take photo with Anand sir at Teacher's day.

Photo with an actor as a student in the movie.

We also watched the movie "Super 30" together with the teachers of BNC.

Although, Anand sir's life story is very famous 
and I have heard his struggling life from my husband....

I was impressed by the movie so much and couldn't help crying!
Especially  what happened to Anand sir's father was.....!

Anand sir had been attacked by gun, and it was not fiction. 

My heart became hot by watching the movie 
because the students' back grounds are so similar to our students. 
They are overlapped in my eyes. 

And I thought that the actor Hritik Roshan 
made great efforts to master local language, 
(it was not so perfect, but we feel his great efforts!)
I love the balance of the gap between 
his face and the local language!)

When the movie will be released in Japan, I recommend to watch it! 

At Anand sir's house.

Center is Pranav sir.

At a wedding party of common friend's daughter's.

We went to Patna to see Anand sir and Pranav sir 
to congratulate the movie,
unfortunately my younger daughter got fever and 
we couldn't see.

So we conveyed them congratulations by phone.

Anand sir told us he will visit Surya Bharti School someday.

He is very very famous person flying over the world,
so we thank his words.

I hope that many poor children over India 
can know the importance of education by watching the movie,
and they can get chances to get education!

I wish Anand sir will get more and more success in the future! 

Angel Aid Study Tour at Surya Bharti School Day1

Angel Aid Study Tour at Surya Bharti School Day1 

5th February 2020, 6 persons came from Japan to teach as volunteer 
in Surya Bharti School in Bodghaya.

It's study tour of Angel Aid Association.

The representative Tomato mama (Mrs. Tomota) came to Bodhgaya for 6 times!

This time, former principal, and college students participated in the tour.

I'm glad to show you their class on my video!

Angel Aid supports the ex-students from Surya Bharti School 
to study in colleges and institutions by giving them scholarship.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

On the day of Chhath puja, Death and Birth

On the day of Chhath puja, Death and Birth

Chhath Puja is a very big festival in northern India, especially in Bihar, UP, and Odisha.
In the puja, people pray to the Sun god and fast for 3 days continuously.

On the third day of the Puja, I got both a good news and bad news.

In the early morning, a student went to a river for the ceremony,
and he had been found to have drowned in the river.

He was Ranjay who studied in 9th grade in our school, Surya Bharti.

The place where the incident happened was
the same place where Deepak and Asish were drawn to death in 2006.

these incidents have me thinking, Do pure souls go to heaven to be near god earlier than others?

Ranjay was a really nice boy.

I stayed at home because I wasn't feel well that morning.
(I go to the river to take photos every year though.)

It was Then, I got a phone call from the principal.

He was just 17 years old.

Just the same as my children.

I couldn't prepare my mind to say goodbye to him
because it was just so sudden.

And in the evening, the same day, I got a good news.

Our Ex-student Sandeep became a father!

People die.

People are born.

We are living on the earth within a relentless flow.

Many types of disaster happen all over the world.

I thought I have to be thankful I'm alive today.

I pray for Ranjay's soul to rest in peace.
May he rest in peace.

2 students went to Japan tour and experienced Homestay!

2 students went to Japan and experienced Homestay!

On 6th December 2019,
2 students of Bodhgaya Nihongo(Japanese) Class
(they are also teachers of basic class)
departed for Japan!

Vikas was so excited to get on the flight for the first time in his life!
So we gave him the window seat.

And he screamed unintentionally when the flight began to fly!

I recorded the moment in the video!(↑)

We safely arrived at Kansai International airport via Bangkok.
We went to my house in Kyoto by bus from the airport.

And, the host family came to pick them up!
(Their Japan tour was realised with co-operation of Angel Aid Association) 

And, Experiencing the real Osaka!
After visiting a company, the CEO invited us for dinner in Izakaya in Osaka,
and they ate various kinds of Japanese food.

They ate Sashimi-raw fish!
(Indians don't eat raw fish in their culture)
After this experience, they got used to eating and enjoying raw fish.
They are quite the challengers!

They got on Shinkansen-bullet train for the first time!
from Nagoya to Shinyokohama.
It was their first time buying lunchbox at the station.
(Although They selected sandwich...!)

After getting off the bullet train, they practiced the method of throwing
the box and bottles separately into different dust bins, at the station.

They ate Unagi/eel fish in Kyoto for the first time!
(My husband who is an Indian likes it very much)
The sauce was sweet but the eel fish tastes very nice, they said.
(They don't usually like sweet taste meals)

And we visited a house construction company at Ayabe in Kyoto.
They visited the construction site whose building structure was built in just a day.
And they even got to visit model rooms and
were very surprised to see the latest technique of
Japanese wooden construction.

After that, we had a party with the carpenters
who built the library hall in India,
which is in Surya bharti school both these students were from.
They were also there to help the carpenters together at that time.
They learned how to do Dekopin game from the carpenters, and
ate various Japanese foods and cake!
It was so fun!

Construction of the library hall in India

They stayed about 2 weeks with the host family who took care of them very much.
The host family taught them how to cook, how to fold Futon, how to clean,
how to throw garbage etc..
They learned about the Japanese life style.

They visited companies, factory, city hall, and high school.
They also had meeting and party with the supporters
of Angel Aid Association in many places.

They learned how to buy train ticket.

At the end of the tour,
we went to Nara.

Since they are very familiar with cows and goats,
they got used to deers really quickly which was nice to see.  

When we visited the great Buddha statue in Todai-ji temple,
it reminded them of Bodhgaya.

On 24th December, with the completion of Japan tour, they flied back to Gaya airport via Bangkok.
(They had a one day trip in Bangkok which we will give you the report about later!)

They are studying Japanese language with more efforts
after coming back from Japan,
with lots of good memories.

We give thanks to all the people we met and those who
helped take care of them in Japan!
I hope you will support them in the future as well!