Friday, April 5, 2013

A training of social workers in a village (visiting mobile clinic)

8th March 2013, we visited a village with a mobile clinic team for a training of the social workers(a lady and a gents) from a village of the Mothers & Infants Health Care Project by NGO Children Aid.

(Mobile Clinic means that doctors and medical staffs go to check up patients in villages where there is no medical facility there. Long experienced NGO Root Institute (Saxena clinic) co-operated us to visit the mobile clinic)

The village we visited this time is in a area of Bankebazar, it took an hour to get there from Bodhgaya by car.  The village is very near to the border of Bihar - Jharkhand States.  This area is very famous of Maoist Guerrilla  activity.  We asked the medical team whether it is safety or not for foreigners to visit there, and the team told us that the village is adjacent to main road and safer, then we decided to visit. 

The building been used for the clinic is a government school in the village.  A staff said to me "we are using this building since last month.  Before then, we used a building as a clinic opposite the main road.  Suddenly, the building was destroyed by explosion and then we had shifted here." 

In these few years, Bihar state has been very peaceful.  I thought the situation became very stable, I have noticed that there are still dangerous areas by hearing what the staff was saying.

Bihar state government fought very hard against the guerrillas and it became very peaceful here.  But, it is easy to hide in jungle, and easy to move between another state for guerrillas, so they are hiding in the areas where it is near the border of both states. 

After many patients gathered in the building, the NGO staff started to explain about the common diseases and sanitary matters to them.  Our project is focusing on health of mothers and infants.  We also have health education class about diseases and sanitary matters. Our aim of bringing our social workers who were selected by village leaders last time is let them learn how to organize and how to explain by seeing the activity by themselves.

The theme was "About prevention against being infected by mosquito bite" this time.  The staff explained the symptoms of malaria and told that person should bring the patients to a government hospital when he have found the patients have been in the symptom immediately. He asked some questions about the prevention, how people can prevent from mosquito bite.  And he explained that using mosquito net is very effective, and adding kerosene oil into puddle around house makes it possible to prevent from breeding of mosquito, and burning neem leaves that has an effect of insecticide is effective for making mosquito death.  

I'm always admiring when the staff explains about the prevention of diseases by using usual and common things for villagers for it, because villagers don't have much money and electricity too.  

The two of social workers were listening to the explanation by the staff seriously.  After that, I asked them what they felt and found, the lady social worker told me that she knows about the Kerosene oil effective and she actually uses it for cleaning her house. I thought she can learn more things in future.

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