Thursday, April 4, 2013

Our students attended "the celebration of second anniversary of Master's visit"

6th March 2013, Our students attended "the celebration of second anniversary of Master's visit" to Bodhgaya organized by Happy Science Bodhgaya.
6th March 2011, Master Okawa who is a founder of Happy Science which supports our school visited our school to see the students.  The celebration was to commemorate the day.
All the teachers and students practiced in their performance hard everyday for this day.
They performed with the gratitude.
Happy Science has started the support of our school since Nov.2007, and it helped us to provide everyday meals and uniforms and textbooks for students.
Before starting everyday meals, the health of the students were bad because of malnutrition, and they couldn't concentrate to their study too.
After starting everyday meals, their health were improved with nutrition and they were able to concentrate study and the result became better miraculously.
Last year, all of our ex-students (11th class now) got their marks in the matriculation test higher than the average of the students in private schools.
The children who live in the house made of mud and were afraid of less food, now the same children have their own future dreams and try hard to make their dream come true in future.  They have hopes in their future.  We believe that if the children get a chance to take education, through their efforts, they can make their life in better direction.  
This time, some teachers also participated in a drama, traditional dance, fork dance, and western dance by students were also great performance!
I appreciate all the teachers to spent their time for the preparation of this program.

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