Saturday, February 15, 2020

Constructing a library hall in Bodhgaya, 4 days miracle!


Constructing a library hall in Bodhgaya, 4 days miracle!

Library Hall was constructed and donated to Surya Bharti School in Bodhgaya, India!

Mugen Foundation and Ishin group Japan donated the library.

Carpenters from Japan came to build the library!

The students and, the ex-students, and their guardians also helped the work as volunteers. 

<Library Hall 4 days of Miracles!>

Day 1 2 hours in the evening, the base of the pillars completed.

Day 2 constructing pillars and walls. Celebration.

Day 3 Roof of the library completed! Wooden walls completed! Starting brick work.

Day 4 Finishing construction!

It was rainy season in northern India, they have been working in intermittent rain.

Wooden parts and metal parts were shipped from Japan!

About the parts of the base, local carpenters built it.

They built the base by local way.

This is the video local carpenters built the base.

Wooden parts were transported by 3 trucks from the port of Kolkata.

The trucks arrived Bodhgaya after 24 hours.

We used crane to lifts the things down from the truck.

This is the video of the crane

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