Wednesday, April 24, 2013

5 students got scholarship of Super 30 institute Patna

On 17th April, I got report from teachers of Surya Bharti School.

The final results of the test for Supre 30 institute (2 years course for preparation of engineering test aiming for IIT) came out.

Thanks, Lord!  Our 5 students came up in the top 286 students who will receive partially scholarship and admission qualification!

Other students also got a qualification of admission.

This test was taken by about 25000 students from all over Bihar.  Many of them studied in famous brilliant private schools.  So, it is great that our 5 students came up in the topper 286 among 25000 students!

What surprising me most was the students who got high result were out of my expectation.

Whenever I visit their houses, they were helping parents in farm.

One of them lost his mother few years ago, and the other students have a mother always sick, and the other one's father was paralyzed, they help family very much.

They have studied hard with their best efforts everyday staring at their future, in order to get out of poverty and to make their family happy.

My tears had never stopped by hearing such a great report then.

They will challenge to take engineering test towards IIT, 2 years later.

They are very diligent students, so I'm sure that they will do their best when they study at the institute in Patna which has brilliant teachers there.

Let's become engineer, get good salary and give your family full of delicious foods! (I'm saying to the students.)

I'm very proud of them and I pledge to support their further study in future too!

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