Thursday, April 18, 2013

Test for Super 30 (scholarship of an Institute aiming for IIT engineering)

On 8th April, our students who finished Surya Bharti School went to Patna to take a second test for Super 30 (a scholarship of an Institute aiming for IIT engineering).

I was busy with another work, and couldn't go with them.

I don't know what result will be, but it is a miracle that they got the chance to proceed to the second test.

If a student pass the test and selected as a Super 30 student, he will be exempted to pay the total tuition fee ,  boarding fee and food fee also, and he can spend his full time to study in the institution.

IIT is what we call it Indian Institute of Technology, which is the most difficult university in India, and only top level students in engineering test can be permitted to study there.  Although the number of collages affiliating with IIT are increasing recently, only brilliant students can enter in  IIT delhi and IIT kanpur.

This "Super 30" was established for students who are brilliant and poor to giving chances study for IIT.

There are 2 "Super 30" in Patna, and the test our students took was "Super 30" established by Mr. Abhyanand.

There are caste system still in India, sometimes a person can not get job because of his caste, but engineer is a new job and people can become engineer with their talent and technique no matter what their caste are.

I support our students hoping that they study hard and many of them will become engineer in the future!

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