Monday, February 11, 2013

Mobile clinic and meeting with villagers

We visited a village with a mobile clinic team on 7th Feb.2013.
The doctor explained us that they have changed villages to consult within 5 or 6 years.
Withing those years, the villagers were trained and obtained all the knowledge.
Then they change village to visit.
The pharmacist showed us how to compound medicines.  
The patients register their name and address, then they take doctor's check up.
All the symptoms and diagnosis will be written on the register note,
and doctors note too.
They use homeopathy medicine mainly but also they use western medicine.
The medicine especially given for women are Irons and vitamins.
When they found more serious patient, they advise him to go to clinic or hospital introduced by them.

Mobile Clinic

After seeing clinic, we attended a meeting with villagers.
The mobile clinic team (doctor and NGO staff) and local social workers and villagers discussed many things.
The topics were:
* Toilets
*Vaccination for children
*Care for pregnant women
Women are very shy and they merely spoke to, but sitting there and listening to the discussion.
A villager said that there is a big change after the mobile clinic has come to this village.
The change was thinking of villagers about vaccination and medical care through the health education.
Before the mobile clinic came, some villagers kept their children hiding from nurse who came to give the vaccination. The villagers were afraid of children getting fever.
Now, they understood and make children take vaccination.
They have decided to select and convince some villagers to build their toilets with the government service within a month.
The local social worker will research and make lists of pregnant women, and children who are seriously malnutrition.


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