Saturday, February 2, 2013

Japanese special class

 On 2nd Feb.2013
Japanese special class on "Music".

Today, I taught my students "Music" in Japanese special class.  I used the lyrics of "Ue o muite arukou (Sukiyaki song)" and "Tsubasa o kudasai (Wing to fly)". I explained the meanings of each words and kanji with drawing pictures so that they can remember them well. One student asked me about grammar that he found in the lyrics. I could know that he studied by himself before the class. After learning the words and kanji, we sang the songs together. I asked the students "Which subject do you want to study in next Japanese class?". Then, the student who asked before replied "Kagaku!(Science)" in Japanese. I was so impressed and I thought I should keep up with his passion to learn Japanese...! The students hope to study in Japan in the future. Slowly, but day by day, they are going forward to achieve their dreams. I'll try hard for them!


  1. Hey there how's it going. I am a High School student in the United State. I've been doing a lot of research on India and I 'come across anything that has to do with education. I am very interested to see the similarities and differences. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions so I can further understand what it is like in India as a student or teacher?

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  3. Hi! thanks for your comment!
    so you are high school student. Our students are 1st grade to 10th grade. What it is like in India as a teacher...I am a fund raising coordinator and also teach Japanese...I think our students are very serious to study and teaching them is very exciting for me. Why they are so serious...they want to get out of poverty by studying hard to achieve their dream to live, and want to make their family happier by earning money after getting jobs.