Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Teacher's day celebration party at Surya Bharti School

5th September, It's a day to thank teachers in India.

All the students of Surya Bharti School also celebrated "Teacher's day" together!

The students gave a piece of cake to the teachers with joy!

I visited all the 10 classes and ate many cakes given by the students, so my stomach was full!

They feed their class teacher with thanks (a little forcibly...)!

For the teacher who are pure vegetarian, they .... 
painted her cheek with cream!

Let's say "Happy Teacher's Day~!"

with class teacher

lots of thanks!
 pieces of cakes continuously came into month!

Some students said
"Happy Birthday!"
by mistake!

Before entering every class, they put red powder on forehead for blessing.

All the students prepared cake and snacks for teachers.

Amarjit sir who took kidney transplant operation also participated!
(Now, he is good!)

They gifted us pencils and pens.

How to say blowing in Hindi is "phukna", and "fuku" in Japanese.

I told them about that and they were impressed.

It's a festival day, and no class.

Happy Teacher's Day! to all!

Thank to all the teachers!

And, thank you, all the students for preparing by heart!

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