Saturday, January 18, 2020

On the day of Chhath puja, Death and Birth

On the day of Chhath puja, Death and Birth

Chhath Puja is a very big festival in northern India, especially in Bihar, UP, and Odisha.
In the puja, people pray to the Sun god and fast for 3 days continuously.

On the third day of the Puja, I got both a good news and bad news.

In the early morning, a student went to a river for the ceremony,
and he had been found to have drowned in the river.

He was Ranjay who studied in 9th grade in our school, Surya Bharti.

The place where the incident happened was
the same place where Deepak and Asish were drawn to death in 2006.

these incidents have me thinking, Do pure souls go to heaven to be near god earlier than others?

Ranjay was a really nice boy.

I stayed at home because I wasn't feel well that morning.
(I go to the river to take photos every year though.)

It was Then, I got a phone call from the principal.

He was just 17 years old.

Just the same as my children.

I couldn't prepare my mind to say goodbye to him
because it was just so sudden.

And in the evening, the same day, I got a good news.

Our Ex-student Sandeep became a father!

People die.

People are born.

We are living on the earth within a relentless flow.

Many types of disaster happen all over the world.

I thought I have to be thankful I'm alive today.

I pray for Ranjay's soul to rest in peace.
May he rest in peace.

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