Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Studying hard in 40 degree Celsius in Bodhgaya

Surya bharti in April 2017

The average of daily highest temperature in April is around 40 degree Celsius.

The students of Surya Bharti School study hard here in Bodhgaya in such temperature.

We take Summer time schedule for our school in this hot season.

School starts at about 6:30am and ends at about 12 noon.

Lunch time is around 10:30 to 11:00.

There is no AC in the class rooms.

There are fan on the ceiling in each class room but sometimes they stop working because of power failure.

You can say the hotness in this season is like "you have been boiled" or "you have been grilled in an oven".

While holding camera to take photos of the students who are studying concentrated in this hotness, I cheer them on.

When it  is over 45 degree Celsius, District Magistrate gives an order to close the classes and gives children summer vacation.

Classes would continue until the order is given.







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