Friday, August 19, 2016

We held a study tour of Angel Aid Association which is supporting our ex-students from Surya Bharti school to study in colleges, in this August 2016.

11 people participated in this tour from Japan. 

"Study tour" means a tour to see, research and learn about the situation of local area where there has been the children supported by a group.

Most of the members of the tour are in medical jobs or educational jobs, and they had classes in Surya Bharti school for the students by using their special knowledge.

We had 2 days of the classes to teach students because some people arrived few days later.

In the first day of the classes, we had

folding Furoshiki (handkerchief) in Japanese way, how to brush tooth (by dental hygienist), games by making round shape (by a student who is a teacher to be), designing and making Uchiwa (Japanese hand fan) (by an artist), about hospitals in Japan and hospice care (by a nurse), about Japanese history, relation between India and Japan, and Samurai culture (by a history teacher). 

Some of the members who can speak English, they taught the students in English.  I interpreted in Hindi in the class about history.

Three of ex-students helped the classes as interpreters or assistants.

Our students learned lots of things by learning Japanese culture with Japanese people.

They departed from Japan on the 9th August, and they arrived in Japan on the 18th August.  They seemed like they were enjoying whatever happened in the tour...!!!

Next time, I am going to tell you about visiting a hospital, NGO, a college, an institution, a private school, and about sightseeing, and shopping etc.

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